Safety guide in using headphones and earphone

Headphones and earphones are basically everywhere. You will see it is attached to most people either for the purpose of listening to music or is having a conversation with someone over the phone. You should also know that there is a risk if you are over using it. To minimize any complications there are few things that you need to understand while using headphones or ear phone.


Balancing the volume length while you are listening to music is very important. According to research for a maximum of ninety minutes listening using your headphones or ear phones should be in a range of eighty percent volume. If you have exceeded listening to more than ninety minutes, it would be best that you start to decrease the volume. Another rule of practice would be the 60/60 in which you have to listen for full 60 minutes of music with your headphones or ear phone and then let your ears rest for the next minutes. It is most likely that people from the age bracket of teenagers are the ones who can extremely over use especially if they are not aware that there is a limit when it comes to listening with a normal range of volume.

There are three types of devices in which you can use for listening.

Ear buds- this is portable type of ear phones wherein you only have to directly put it in your ears. Its form is of a shape derive from an ear bud in which it gets intact and does not easily fall out. Its advantage is it does not entirely block the noise coming from the outside. Most people who are using this type of ear phones tends to increase the volume. Isolating ear buds- It can isolate sounds from the outside and this is not advisable for people who are engage in running or cycling. It is made of a rubber tip seal, so the sound coming from the outside is reduced. Some users are keeping the volume at its safe and or normal level. This is not advisable to use if you are driving or walking across the street.

Over the headphones- this encase the entire ear and this is better for canceling any types of noise from the outside. This provides a better sound quality of music and this is not as handy as a portable ear phone.

There are many sellers out there who offers branded ear phones and headphones such as at and it won’t hurt much if you invest on such gadgets that have good quality. In fact if you invest with a little extra amount this provides a higher sound in which you do not have to enhance the volume as it is already in a high fidelity of sound. Understanding the usage of headphones and ear phones is very essential and crucial at the same time cause it can be very risky if you are not careful enough to take care of your ears. It may not develop right away but as you grow older, complications may occur because of old age.