Top Signs You Need a UK Air Conditioner Repair

How do you know when you need an air conditioner repair? There are various companies to pick from like However, it all starts with knowing the signs that you should have a professional company inspect your air con unit/system for repairs. Here are some of the most signs to watch out for:

  1. No cool air

This is one of the telltale signs that it’s time to contact a company like You might discover that your air conditioner isn’t producing enough old air even when you have turned it on at full blast. The air might be less cool than in the past or possibly even not cool at all. In both situations, it’s important to get the unit checked out to find out what’s wrong. There are various causes including the unit needing repairs or even replacement. What’s most important is to get it inspected by a professional company to pinpoint the problem.

  1. Unwanted moisture

If you see moisture where it shouldn’t be then it’s a sign you should definitely get your AC unit checked out. This could involve moisture or leakage around/near the AC system. It could be a sign that you have problems. In the most serious case the refrigerant could be causing the leak. This can result in serious health issues so it’s important to fix the problem as soon as possible. Make sure you call a repair company immediately.


Another possible issue is water pools beside your AC. This can show that the drain tube is blocked/broken. It’s not a major issue but the problem should be fixed immediately to avoid other possible issues like mold growth.

  1. Thermostat issues

Here’s another major sign you need to consider calling a company like to fix your AC unit/system. There are times when the problem you’re experiencing isn’t with the actual air conditioning unit but instead with the thermostat. For example, if part of your house is very cold and other part stays at the same temp. This is a classic sign that you have thermostat issues.

The actual problem with the thermostat can vary. What’s important is to have it inspected so you can learn precisely what the problem is. Picking the right AC repair company can help to inspect the thermostat to find out exactly what’s wrong. Then they can use their know-how to conduct a repair on the unit.

  1. Low air flow

If the air flow through the AC vents is weak/little then it’s a sign the compressor could have some problems. There’s a wide range of problems including the duct work and the AC systems requires some repairs. There are various causes of this problem. They include debris getting stuck in the vents. This obstructs airflow and also causes health hazards for your family/workers. These are both situations you’ll want to avoid.

A pro air con repair company can clean the ducts effectively in order restore the regular airflow and make sure the AC system works when you need it to. That in turn will help to improve the efficiency of your AC unit/system.