What is there to know about MTF TESTING?

Modulation transfer function test or usually know MTF testing is the performance and resolution of an optics microscope that commonly be explain and define by the amount that is known or called as a MTF, which can be define as the microscope’s ability to project contrast from a source to the image plane at a particular resolution, Having the calculation of MTF is a kind of mechanism which is commonly utilized by the optical manufacturers that are to incorporate the contrast and resolution data into one single specification. You can visit this site for more references www.image-science.com.


The MTS is very useful for not only characterizing TOS, but also having the photonic systems like video cameras that are digital and analogue, films scanners, image intensifiers. This kind of concept is usually derived from a standard conceptions that are made for electrical engineering which can also relate interms of modulation in terms of projected signal that later to be transfer to the function which can resulted in signal frequency. If discussing about optical microscopy, that also refer to signal frequencymay be identify to periodicity that observing in a specimen is possible, that startsin a so called metal line that are grating evaporated on the microscope slide into a sub cellular particles that can be observed in a living tissue that can be found in the specimen.

The amount of spacing’s that can be counted in  unit interval that came from the specimen can also be correlatein spatial frequency, and can also frequently expressed in a countable terms of periodic spaces or spatial period that can be found in a specimen. It have a usualvariable for a spatial frequency in numbers. For an example, having a simultaneous series of white and spatial measurementby 1 micrometre per pair, which would repeats a thousand times every millimetre and after, it could have correlated in spatial frequency in amount of thousand lines per millimetre.

There is another important topic if discussing about Modulation transfer function or MTF, about optical transfer function or OTF, which can represents the ration of image resolution in specimen contrast. Where can also be put to as a functional in spatial frequency, also adding to the profile that pointed out in phase shift in either positions that are hold by the idea and actual image. That tells us that the OTF can also be referred as spatial frequency complex variable where the modulus can also be a MTF, and usually the phase can also be described by a PTF. If ever the PTF can be in line with frequency, can also tell us a basic lateral place of the image that can be observant with aberration like as a geometric distortion.

In understand MTF testing can be really tough since there are some scientific words that you need to know first. But having MTF testing can really progress our future. So better be updated with technology.